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Green tea glissando.

Green tea glissando.

Posted on September/1/2012
Tagged as: green, tea, maccha, cake, chocolate, music, yummy, pastry,

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Insecure and always dreaming, someone wake me up.
And maybe I'll wear a mask instead.

Likes: Travelling, ecology, Lolita fashion, cosplay, animals, plushies, keys, wings, Paris-related things, cameras, lace, ruffles and frills, ribbons, bows, strawberries, headphones, photography, scythes, cupcakes, clothes with pockets, buttons, thigh-high socks, personalized items, see-through umbrellas, glass bottles and jars, bird cages, Alice in Wonderland, sailor outfits, Peter Pan collars, Oxford shoes, Sanrio, pocket-watches, macadamia nuts, hand-written letters, stamps, paint brushes, teacups, scrapbooks, vintage things.

Dislikes: Polkadots, needles, math, physics, chemistry, being sick, being in pain, walking in heels, wearing ankle socks, cramps, holding bags, humidity, spicy food, her time of month, paper cuts, bitter things, turtlenecks, rhinestones, sequins, wool, cashmere, peplum, when her Internet refuses to work, the majority of insects, minus butterflies.

Hobbies: Screaming at printers, throwing textbooks, and occasionally listening to some classical music. Has been known to stalk certain members of the entertainment industry, as well as applying strokes of graphite on sheets of paper. Tortures pianos by arranging pieces on them and enjoys making things with her hands.

I do not own any of the images on my blog unless they have my URL directly on them. Most of them are from If an image belongs to you, simply message me and I will take it down / credit you.

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